Klebeband is the tape art collective made up of members Bruno “BeezeBoe” Kolberg, Bodo Hobing and Nikolaj “NkoBu” Bultmann. Bruno is an autodidactic graphic designer who has been working since 2003 and Bodo graduated with a degree in communications design. Both artists come from Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. Kolja originates from an artist family and opened a gallery for outsider art with his mother after studying business administration. They all started out doing tape art in clubs or as decoration for parties. Today they create tape art installations as well as 3D work and whole room and building concepts by using and combining organic and geometric forms to discover the dimensions that come out of working with tape. Another part of their work is tape mapping, a combination of tape art and video mapping invented by Klebebande. By projecting video sequences, the tape art artwork appears to be an LED wall with effects that look 3D or like an optical illusion.