Rotkäppchen Goliath is an agency for urban communication that was founded in 2014 in Vienna. The founders are Paul Hoffman and Maira Kerschner. Paul has been an art director, qualified graphic designer, docent for graffiti and urban art and active graffiti writer for 15 years. Maira Kerschner is a concept director, did her bachelor’s degree in corporate communication and has five years of agency experience in Vienna and Berlin.

The artworks of Rotkäppchen Goliath contain style writing, characters and abstract forms that are made freehand with a spray can. Rotkäppchen Goliath’s main principle is that the work is that which nobody would expect. Current commissioned works are: L’Oréal, Samsung, Jägermeister, Vice, Sky, Universität Wien, Grelle Forelle, Die Kantine. Current events are: “Battle Jam – Austrian Graffiti Competition“, “Mega Style”, Urban Space Gallery ; “Karus Solo Exhibition”, Kunstraum, Wien.