The Super Bad Boys were founded in 2014 by Dejoe, Stereoheat, Phet, Skore, Sbecky and Kry. The remaining members joined the crew at different times.

 The crew creates a rich variety of different graffiti styles. The crew focuses on style writing but also uses abstract techniques like character art. The members act internationally and are invited to worldwide graffiti jams like the Meeting of Styles or the Roskilde-Festival. Works by the Super Bad Boys can be found from New York to Dublin and faraway places in Siberia and China.

 It is not certain whether the crew will grow in the future but it is certain that a lot of color will run and a lot of places will be visited. The room in THE HAUS was created by the crew members DEJOE, PHET, SKENAR, RAWS, STAN-NATS, RIOT, HOCUS and STEREOHEAT. The idea was to mix the different styles of the single members and create a symbiosis between classical graffiti, character art and an installation.