TheHaus on Chain – The NFT Collection

Berlin, a run down office building in the former west, meant to be demolished, and then art took over the place: TheHaus – the biggest urban art exhibition ever.

10.000 m², 165 artists, 5 floors, jam-packed with art.
The rooms got fully scanned down to the last detail and now are turned into NFTs – ready to be collected and explored in latest AR and VR technology. TheHaus was created to be destroyed and now it´s back on chain – forever.

Collect up to 70 rooms on 5 floors to join the metaverse.
Complete a whole floor to receive the matching hallway or stairwell NFT, which will not be for sale.
Connect your wallet with the AR/VR-player to enjoy full access to your NFT.

TheHaus on Chain offers a one of a kind experience in AR and VR! Connect your wallet with the NFT app. Select your NFT. Receive your personal code. Enter the code into your device. And you are good to go!

1st drop # 23rd Nov, 2021 – Gogoplata

Floor: 1 | Room: 106 | Artist: Gogoplata

An oversized teeth baring monkey head growing out of the floor, forms the center of Gogoplata’s Comicverse in Room #106. The criminal minded characters scattered around the walls seem ready for subversive urban action, trained up to play the game of run and hide. Rooted in Graffiti, Jens Tümmel aka Gogoplata expanded his creation to animation cartoons, illustration, painting, sculpture and mural art. 

2nd drop #25th Nov, 2021 – Daniela Uhlig & Andrea Casartelli

Floor: 4 | Room: 406 | Artist: Daniela Uhlig & Andrea Casartelli

Amazon-style goddesses shining and struggling in a black and white underworld-like surrounding, dealing with unknown beasts and mystic forces of nature. For room #406, Daniela Uhlig and Andrea Casartelli paired up for a mural that testifies to their longtime experience as character designers and illusstrationists – with a passion for the sinister parts of our fantasies.

3rd drop # 26th Nov, 2021- Mario Mankey

Floor: 5 | Room: 502| Artist: Mario Mankey

A larger than life pair of grey feet is resting in Room #502. Resembling the human form, but overdoing the proportions to the extreme. Standing there solid as a rock, Mario Mankey’s work allows a meditation on the human ego and the costs of mankind’s impact to the state of our planet. 

4th drop # 27th Nov, 2021- Akte One & Cren

Floor: 3 | Room: 302 | Artist: Rocco and his brothers

Akte One & Cren succeed in transforming the rawness of graffiti and it´s  styles and techniques into interieur-like surroundings. In Room #302, the visitor is confronted with a concentrated visual chaos – held together by two colourful tableaus citing the yin and yang symbol.

5th drop # 28th Nov, 2021 – Rocco and his brothers

Floor: 5 | Room: 504 | Artist: Rocco and his brothers

In room #504 you see, what you get – an original section taken from the underground of Berlin’s public transport system. What caused puzzlement among inspecting BVG employees was soon unmasked as a clandestine action by the Berlin artist group Rocco and his brothers. With such elaborate projects as well as smaller interventions in urban space, the artists create subtle works that address social conflicts such as housing shortages, surveillance and displacement.

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